Human rights!

My dear blog followers: Arafa was full of Human rights, this post is not Hajj(part 3) 😉 .. certainly not as pleasing but just as important, read on.. 

He (my Mr., my Shahrayar) comes back late every single day complaining, sometimes it escalates to cursing. Not on me (he dare not!), but on what he relays in this little story of his.

Check what the Mr. has to say :- 

Human rights!!

Once upon a time I met this slave, a skinny man with popped eyes, you could clearly see he is overworked. This man has to get up at dawn – and with no time to have any food in his guts – starts working till mid day where he is given a short break to catch his breath and eat so that he can continue working till dusk. By night-time he is completely worn-out as he has his evening meal and heads to sleep to recharge for the coming day. His master – a fat man with a big belly – who uses slave drivers to get the slaves working hard, gives the slave days off to avoid criticism over the controversy of his slavery acts.

The slave drivers – big guys with big trucks which they drive around to check on the slaves – are slaves too. But they are favored by the master because they ensure that the work is done. All the slaves get food and shelter but the slave drivers get to drive the big trucks and punish their fellow slaves. The slave drivers would threaten their fellow slaves to cut down their food quota if they did not perform.

The idea of running away has always lingered in the mind of the slave every night as he goes to bed, but he would think about the savage world out there with no food or shelter, he would undoubtedly not survive a single day … next morning he would wake up from dawn and continue working.

The master – being in the 21st century – has learnt cleverly how to avoid human rights’ laws and pay no heed to human rights activists’ demands to free the slaves. He grasped that knowledge cunningly by reading the law and using the loopholes and weaknesses in the system to keep onto his slaves. Although he does not practically own those slaves – for legal reasons – he surly has leverage on their livelihood in a way that enslaves them with no chains around their ankles.

This may sound by far very uncommon to you. But that slave is YOU, me and everyone who works for big corporations. If you replace the words; slave by employee, slave driver by manager and master by board of directors you will find the story fits you just as well. Oh and don’t forget to replace food and shelter by salary and housing allowance.

Today, big corporations make millions of dollars from the work done by the low-level employee. The ratio of generation of wealth to salary is incomparable, where the most worked is the least earned and vice versa. Today, job security is the chain that is wrapped around our ankles. The 21st century has given human beings freedom within the laws but in reality slavery has just changed name and form.

Open your eyes to how entangled we are in a system that reduces our freedom of time, where we stay and what we eat. A world order that has been created systematically with boundaries that are very hard to break free from. The sad fact is that we are all slaves of the 21st century.



  1. Shahrazad said,

    April 23, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    Thank you for your contribution my dear Mr. I feel bad there are no comments to date 😦 because I think you’ve touched on a serious issue (one that everyone complains about, specifically those working in big companies), in a very creative manner.

    My opinion:
    I 99% agree! the 1% will only qualify if there was any other way round it…
    If you say: open your own business. Well that only makes you a slave master!

  2. kitten said,

    April 23, 2010 at 7:26 pm

    Very true.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I’d make sure to check yours regularly.

  3. um3azzan said,

    April 25, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Sorry Mr. for not commenting earlier. This issue touches me deeply being an active HRist (Human Resource not Human Rights, although both respond to the same meaning)

    So I dont agree with you at ALL. Coorporation work so hard on making the life of employees as easy as possible. which means its not slavery at all.
    If we assume what you are saying is true, then whats the options you have? being a slave master?
    sami7ni, this is not acceptable !!

  4. Nadia said,

    April 25, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    Oh Shahrayar, from soap and dirt mac to human rights?

    I semi-agree. I work in a large corporation and working like a slave is fulfilling for me because I have a choice 🙂 I can leave whenever I want, but I actually enjoy being a workholic.

    But that’s just my case. Other people don’t have a choice. I see slavery everyday.

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