Smart wee child.. Coward me….

“Your ONLY ultimate guide to dealing with kids’ nuisances”. I wish there was something as such, it would’ve made my life much easier and my career more tolerable.

I’ve been seeing this child for over a year, once a month in most occasions, weekly when the dad is off work. He’s a boy of almost 5 and I have not heard a single word come out of him ever! His parents assure me that he does speak or maybe only vocalise certain names at home. He could be labeled “selectively mute”. When I first saw him he was HYPERACTIVE (in capitals for extra stress on the word), moved up, down, right, left, in, out. He was virtually everywhere uncontrollably, I had to lock everything in cupboards if I want them safe and secure. After a few visits to the psychiatrist and being put on some drugs, he calmed down drastically. Call it the “secret pill”? Now he’s calm and sweet, but unresponsive and still mute 😦 but the good thing is that I can intervene at last.

So the mom comes in, I welcome her with the usual greetings and asked how he’s been doing and if she’s managed to carry on whatever language stimulation activities I provided. The answer is “ma 6aa3” in a strictly Omani accent, meaning “he did not want to”. My mind goes “I hate passiveness, I certainly gave you other alternatives”, but my mouth speaks “Oh ok, don’t you worry, we’ll find a way!”

I instruct the mother to leave the room so I can attempt to interact with the boy. This should be a huge step because he’s very clingy to the mother. I strictly instruct the mother not to come in, even if she hears him cry. The initial reaction was very much expected, screaming bloody murder, crying like he was starved off his childhood rights by this mean speech therapist who’s attempting to lure him into play without the presence of his mother.

I left him by the door, closely watching and attracting him to some play items displayed on a little table. He does not respond to me and the screaming increases, it’s now accompanied by aggressive behaviour of throwing stuff. “I will not give up on you little buddy, let’s come play” I say. Still chaos in the office.

I did not give up, until he used his weapon!!!! I wonder how on earth did he figure out that this was just my ultimate weakest point. He takes his pants off, sits on the floor in a comfortable posture and pretends to ehm… pretends to urinate!  …..and “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” my mind goes, I’ve had kids urinate and produce stool in my clinic before and it’s no fun, I promise! I calmly said “OK OK baba, here.. we’re getting mama in”. I open the door with feelings of defeat surrounding me.

The mom comes in and I calmly say “I think he needs to go to the toilet”. She asked him, again just “silence” is the answer, but she knew he didn’t actually want to urinate.

 Smart wee child… Coward me….




  1. June 16, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    […] book came in the very right time. I’ve been walking miles of success with this little boy (here) and this book should take some credit for this. Anyway, back to the […]

  2. Soulmate said,

    June 17, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    LOolz, totally didn’t see that coming! I can only imagine how much of the childhood psychology course you took has been of assisstance!

    • Shahrazad said,

      June 18, 2009 at 2:45 pm

      Oh with circumstances as such, experience only lends you a hand, theory does not prepare you for such drama at all 🙂

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