Just like a candle in the wind

A stranger once appeared from nowhere, as time passed – she confined in me, the only person she called a true listener at the time, “her breath of fresh air!” she named me! During only 8 months, she shared with me the utmost secrets of her life! Way too soon but just like a candle in the wind, she passed away!

I sobbed her absence for days… I wish that was the end of the story, unfortunately or fortunately (I don’t know) it is not! She had a true dramatic life, she went through a lot. Surviving a deadly incident, she decided to write her story. She did not want to share her story with her family but wanted to publish it, she wanted it to reach a best-seller! In those 8 months I’ve known her for, she used to share with me this story of her life for my opinion & feedback! Now she’s gone… nothing but memories of her and her story are with me! (may her soul rest in peace forever..)

I’m truly in a dilema, should I go on and publish it or leave it till death finds me too (or less-dramatically maybe my pc gets attacked by a virus!). Only then, her words would be just words – once wanted to reach a reader but now just a piece of art that worms will have a party meal on?!

Only time will tell… well, and motivation too, I need that push to publish it!


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